An Honest Review of ‘Double Life Dog Diet’

Is it Possible to Double the Life of Your Dog?

Double Life Dog DietIt is a question that practically every dog owner who loves their dog would like to know the answer to!

Well one thing is for sure, the creators of the ‘Double Life Dog Diet’ certainly think it’s possible!

But simply saying something will double your dogs life is one thing, proving it is something completely different, so what does the creator of the ‘Double Life Dog Diet’, a certain Andy Salls (a pen-name by the way!), provide to back up his canine life extension claims!

Well here’s the thing, he doesn’t really have to provide anything to back himself up! You see the hard work has been done by somebody else!

The ‘Double Life Dog Diet’ isn’t some new amazing dog diet, it is, in fact, a ‘not-so-good’ duplicate of another very successful dog food diet guide called ‘Dog Food Secrets‘.

What this means, if I’m to be completely honest with you, is that the information provided in DLDD is actually very good, it’s just that it’s simply duplicated content rewritten! With that being the case you need to ask yourself this question: – Why would you want, what is blatantly a copy, when you can have the much better original version and much more besides?

Not too difficult a decision to make really, is it?

You can click the following link to check out my review of Dog Food Secrets or, if you think I’m being too harsh on the Double Life Dog Diet, why not check out the alarmingly similar promotional video before you read my ‘Dog Food Secrets’ Review by clicking on the video below !

WARNING! Before you view the following video presentation please be warned that the actor providing the voice over wasn’t (and will probably never be) nominated for any awards! Well, any that are worth having anyway!!

Double Life Dog Diet Video